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Cobra Development Fund («CDF»​)

We Are a Real Estate Development Company

Our job is dedicated to invest in commercial and residential real estate projects throughout Mexico, offering its investors an attractive risk adjusted return.

Investment Focus

We invest in mixed used and residential real estate projects in Mexico City and its metropolitan area.


Our mission is to develop projects that have a positive impact in the surrounding environment as well as to generate wellness for everyone involved in the development of each project.

Real Estate Professionals

CDF partners have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate, development and construction sectors in Mexico.



Being a development company allows us to optimize the development process reducing pre-development, construction and commercialization times.


Our residential strategy focuses on the development of small to medium projects (4 to 100 units) in Mexico City and its metropolitan area catering to the growing middle class.


Our commercial developments include mixed-use projects in major cities including:

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Residential space

The Cobra Way


The unique and beneficial risk-return profile of Real Estate assets has resulted in the asset class playing an ever increasing diversification role in investment portfolios of institutional investors.

This is exactly the type of investments we are striving for. CDF excels by working with international financial and project management standards.

We emphasize in accountability and profitability for each project. Administration and execution are our focus while developing any property in our portfolio. This approach help us to comply with international laws and has helped us to create a unique, tax-efficient type of holding vehicle that is created to invest in real property assets for sale or for rent.

Additionally, the way we execute our projects is second to none, by controlling each step of the project, and ensuring that time and cost results will maximize the net profit of each portfolio.

We are here to help you to place your investments.

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